Upcoming Reviews

These are the reviews I currently have pending.   In general,  I employ a “First In, First Out” philosophy for how I order the release of my reviews.    I strive to get new releases reviewed and posted on release day,  whenever possible.   This means that, on occasion,  my queue may change, in order to accommodate a new release.   There may also be other circumstances that arise on occasion.

Here are the reviews I have queued up:

A Swan’s Sweet Song by J. Arlene Culiner
Contemporary Romance


The instant Sherry Valentine and Carston Hewlett meet, there’s desire and fascination in the air…but they’re complete opposites.

Smart-talking Sherry fought her way up from poverty to stardom as a country music singer. Now, she’s ever in the limelight, ever surrounded by clamoring fans, male admirers and paparazzi, and her spangled cowboy boots carry her all across the country, from one brightly lit stage to the next.

A renowned but reclusive playwright, Carston cherishes his freedom, the silence of his home in the woods and his solitary country walks. Any long-term commitment is obviously out of the question: how about a quick and passionate fling?

But when their names are linked in the scandal press, Sherry’s plans to become an actress are revealed. Is their budding relationship doomed?

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Secrets by Lynn Crandall
Paranormal Romantic Suspense


Michelle Slade’s idyllic life crumbled all around her when she was raped five years ago, her freshman year in college. Though she’s worked hard since to put the dreadful experience behind her and live the life she wants working as office manager for Sterling and Lacey Aegar’s investigation services and operating her cat rescue, she couldn’t have known that the rape’s impact would reach into her present life and put a strangle grip on all she holds dear, thanks to the evil machinations of local powerful businessman, William Carter.

As with Michelle, Casey Mitchell didn’t expect that his work as an investigator would take him down a very dark path of diabolic and life-threatening research conducted by Carter Enterprises. Trained his whole life to keep his were-lynx identity and that of his colony’s existence secret and protected, he now struggles with a terrible aloneness.

Though he and Michelle have tried to get close to each other, their needs for safety and space keep them apart and alone in their individual struggles.

As they try to save the missing cats and put an end to Carter’s onslaught, they reveal secrets that may change their lives and bring them the love they long for, or not.

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Ringing In Love by Peggy Bird
Contemporary holiday romance


With a business to grow and a teenaged son to raise, Catherine Bennett doesn’t have time for a social life.. Besides, after her ex’s betrayal, she’s not willing to open up her heart again. But when she leases office space in Dominic Russo’s building, she can’t keep her mind—or her eyes—off her new landlord. Only problem is he happens to be a known womanizer…and her professional rival.

Unfortunately for Dominic, Philadelphia’s most eligible bachelor is definitely experiencing a dry spell. He hasn’t dated in months, contrary to the rumors, yet convincing career-minded Catherine that there’s more to him than his reputation will be a challenge. Since she’s determined to focus on work, he offers her an irresistible chance at winning a huge contract if she partners with his company.

Can they mix business with pleasure as well as survive the opposition of Catherine’s son to get to a New Year’s Eve that will give both of them the promise of a new start?

Blog Link: http://www.facebook.com/peggybirdauthor.

Rose of Crimson by Zrinka Jelic
Light Paranormal Romance, Historical Elements


Kate Rokov’s grades are plummeting. She needs to get the voice out of her head or she will flunk her finals.

MATTHIAS ZRIN, a three centuries old immortal, born into an aristocratic family as Miles Rušinić, is enthralled with Kate. It is his voice preventing Kate from sleeping and her ignorance is testing his limits. He wants her to write down his story to settle his wife’s earthbound spirit. His tragic love story has become Kate’s obsession since fifth grade during her summer trip to Rušinić castle.

Their coming together settles the old spirit and breaks an ancient curse, and in doing so, a flame spanning over three centuries reignites and burns with wild desire. In this tale of two life times and desire versus emotional need, both know some dreams will have to wait for the right time, but the magic between them is impossible to withstand.

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Wonder Guy by Naomi Stone
Urban Fantasy / Romance


Greg Roberts has been in love with the girl next door since they
were both twelve, but Gloria Torkinson is engaged to marry someone else.
Greg can only respect her choice in the matter – until his fairy godmother
pops in with a different idea. As a mysterious, masked superhero Greg can appear to Gloria in a whole new light and win her love. But super-heroing is trickier than Greg knew, creating its own problems and uncovering inimical forces in his world that he never suspected. He’ll have to
discover the true hero in himself before he can set things to right and win
at love.

Blog Link: http://www.dreamspell.net/LKS/stories.html

Evelina and the Time Pirates: Evelina Series Book One by R.A. Donnelly
Tween/YA Fantasy


Evelina Crimm just wants to be normal. She has her life planned, until she spends summer vacation with two crazy Aunts and discovers she’s a Water Witch. Soon things get a little freaky and she’s living a double life, slinging hash during the week and dodging black magic spells every weekend. Not to mention a certain mysterious warlock she can’t seem to stay away from.

Frankie Holler is on a mission to catch a Time Pirate and he isn’t above bending a few rules to do it, but teaming up with a Novice Witch isn’t part of the plan. Time Keepers work alone. At least, that’s what he’s been told, and he agrees, until he meets Evelina. He’s not much of a talker, but it sure is hard to keep secrets with her around.

Blog Link: http://author-racheldonnelly.blogspot.ca/


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