I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first Male-Male (MM) romance story I’ve read. Yes, I’ve read MM erotic stories, but not a romance. I loved it!

Garrett and Giancarlo have been friends and business partners for years, and own a restaurant together. Garrett is the Chef, and creative genius behind the restaurant, and Giancarlo is the business brains. They have a rule they have both followed for years, “No banging the staff.”

There was just the right amount of tension between Garrett and Giancarlo – with Giancarlo having secretly pined for Garrett for years. Garrett is the quintessential ‘bad boy’ – having many different relationships over the years, with none of them lasting very long.

Garrett comes home after a business trip, with another new man, and he’s adding him to their kitchen staff. This event sets up the tension that eventually draws Garrett and Giancarlo together. But, will their attraction be enough for a lasting relationship, or will Giancarlo be another notch in Garrett’s bedpost? Are the friends able to continue as friends and business partners?

Garrett was an interesting character. I wanted to dislike him and his playboy-like tendencies. However, he was vulnerable enough that I was able to find a way to see what Giancarlo sees in him, and found myself rooting for them to find their way to a happily ever after.

The sex scenes were well done. They were not overly descriptive to the point of being erotica, but descriptive enough to be hot, exciting, yet leaving a bit to imagination.

I loved the book. This is a great romance book for anyone who loves hot men and good cooking!