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I received an advanced copy, in exchange for an honest review.

What an absolutely amazing book! I have read other works by Ms. Kimball, but this book really blows her earlier works out of the water!

This book touches on mental illness, growing up, high school cliques and bullying. All of these can be very difficult subjects to discuss, but Ms. Kimball has done an amazing job of bringing to life characters I could easily see at my local high school, and caused me to have strong feelings about these characters.

I found myself cheering for the group who were being bullied every time they stood up for themselves, and cussing out the bullies every time they were jerks.

She did a great job of keeping me hooked into the story the entire time, and I was engaged. By the time I reached the climax of the book, I was on the edge of my seat.

The ending left me with some unanswered questions, and I hope she decides to write another book to answer some of my questions. More than the questions, tho, I am so invested in these characters, I am so curious to know how things go for them after the climax.